Jewelry Care

To get the most wear out of any fashion (costume) jewelry, please keep in mind that it is not meant to last forever.

Here at SBVC boutique we strive to provide the best quality sustainable fun fashion jewelry. With proper care your pieces can last more than a season's wear. 

As much as possible, keep your jewelry away from the following:

  • Liquids (water, lotions, perfume or other harsh chemicals).
  • Refrain from wearing jewelry in the pool or ocean.
  • When NOT wearing, store in a closed jewelry box or cloth pouch.
  • Remove when sleeping or exercising. 

Do not use soap/water or jewelry cleaners to cleanse your fashion costume jewelry. Exposure to harsh chemicals will cause your jewelry to tarnish. Our recommendations would be to accessorize last to ensure your jewelry has less exposure to lotions, perfumes or any alcohol-based products. We have provided a jewelry cloth to keep your pieces free of dust and fingerprints.